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If you need a relatable and passionate public speaker on all things holistic health – you’ve found her! Presenting a wealth of accessible and immediately useable tools, ideas, and the evidence to support them, I empower, engage, and challenge women to thrive. 


  • Culture & Belief: Complimentary & Alternative Approaches to Medicine
    International Public Health, Georgetown University, Washington DC


    Developed a 90 minute presentation with slides and a resource booklet covering the ways in which our body responds to stress through the HPA Axis, the enteric nervous system, and the ‘red light reflex’. I provide an engaging look at the evidence surrounding Complimentary & Alternative Medicine approaches to coping and rebounding with the use of meditation, breathing techniques, and adaptogenic herbs. 

    • Reducing Pain Through Body, Mind, Spirit Medicine
      Oklahoma Nurses Association Opioid Conference, Muskogee, Oklahoma
      Developed presentation, slides, and lecture for a 90 minute seminar covering evidence-based, alternative approaches to health care and pain management including the ind-body practices of yoga, meditation, and botanical interventions.
    • Ayurveda, Addiction & Recovery
      Refuge Recovery, Oklahoma Chapter
      In this engaging 90 minute lecture, we explore how addiction arises through the lens of Ayurveda. In order to manage the disease and thrive in a life of sobriety, we look at the trifecta of dietary interventions, lifestyle and circadian rhythm resetting, and the power of meditation.


    • Mind Your Mind: Tools for the Mental Health Professional
      Green Country Behavioral Health, Muskogee, Oklahoma
      Developed and presented 75 minute lecture providing tools from ayurveda and yoga therapy to support the mental health professional in reducing and overcoming work-related fatigue and burnout. Particular emphasis is placed on breathing techniques and meditation practices as the foundation of the mind-body connection.


      • Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy: Tools for Self-Preservation
        Sundara Yoga Therapy, Tulsa, Oklahoma
        Created specifically for health care workers and registered yoga teachers and therapists. Learn how to use the tradition of Ayurvedic mind-body medicine to assess for, address, and prevent their own work-related anxiety and burnout.

        Online Trainings

        • Ayurvedic Applications for the Yoga Professional