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YOGA : Sunday Therapeutics 4 Class Bundle


Got stress? Frozen shoulder? Trouble sleeping?

Welcome to the Sunday Therapeutics Series! Taught live 3x each year on Sunday evenings, you can now access the series any day (or night) of the week. Each session will explore the nature of movement through the lens of therapeutic yoga.


  1. Fascia Facts
  2. Pandiculation
  3. Red Light Reflex
  4. Lymphatic Flow

This series is built on the gentle and nourishing work of Thomas Hanna and Tias Little. Slow, rhythmic movements will soothe sore muscles, restore a frazzled nervous system, and have you sleeping like a lamb. Each one hour session builds on the previous one, providing you with a full sequence to benefit your body and your mind for years to come. If you can get on the floor, you can do this class!

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the bundle that is yours to use as often as you wish!
These classes were recorded live via ZOOM, August 2021.


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