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YOGA : Bolstering the Belly Brain


BOGO SPECIAL: Ungluing the Shoulder Girdle ($25 value) is yours FREE when you purchase Bolstering the Belly Brain. You’ll receive a link to both classes when you buy Belly Brain; they’re yours to keep and use as often as you wish!

Twists are often considered the Liquid Plumber of postures, believed by many to help dislodge whatever we’re holding on to (be it food or emotions). We’ll look at the anatomy of our gut with both a western and Ayurvedic lens, then apply plenty of side bends & twists to improve our digestive strength. This class is appropriate for individuals who can get on/off the floor, modifications are offered throughout the practice.

Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the class that is yours to use as often as you wish!
This class was recorded live via ZOOM, August 2021.


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