Give me 5 weeks and I’ll show you how to thrive through menopause!JOIN 5 TO THRIVE!

Integrative Wellness Package
Four Sessions, One Price

I will be your private guide as we dive one-on-one into the timeless science of Ayurveda and the modern world of integrative and functional nutrition.

The commitment to 4 consecutive visits offers accountability and consistency to get you started on the right track to reach your goals – be they physical, mental, or emotional.

Together we will identify the triggers that are causing your concerns and health challenges

  • Remove the ingredients that are contributing to body burden, inflammation, and digestive distress and replace them with healthy alternatives and nutritional supplementation where needed
  • Rebuild intestinal integrity with therapeutic diets where necessary (including custom meal plans, recipes, grocery lists) and herbal/botanical support
  • Replenish with nourishing lifestyle adjustments, stress management techniques, and digestive and/or adrenal support

Whether you are facing a chronic condition or seeking to enhance your bad-assery with a customized program, we will co-create an environment that supports balance, health, and longevity – internal as well as externally.  


      * Disclaimer: As a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and integrative nutrition consultant, I am an adjunct to your health care team. While I may recommendation you ask your doctor for conventional and functional medicine tests, and I may review them in order to inform your treatment, I will not take the place of your primary care physician.