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FALL 10-Day Community Cleanse
September 20 – 29

Our body is our temple and, as with all great monuments,

it requires deep cleaning, particularly during the seasonal shifts.

The transition through the spring months offers the perfect time

for rejuvenation; to renew our commitment to health, uplevel our self-care, and

make intentional preparations for the summer months ahead.

Ayurveda 101: Good health begins with a good gut, and a good gut requires good habits. Nourishment is so much more than what we are eating, it must also include how we are eating it. The Community Cleanse will provide you with tools, resources, and tips you’ll carry with you for years to come. Learn how to optimize your digestion, spark your inner pilot light, and reduce stress and toxic overload that may be showing up as …


  • Weight gain
  • Gas, bloating, reflux
  • Acne, rashes, hives
  • Feeling heavy, sluggish, and dull
  • Mental lethargy and fogginess

10-lb weight loss and my attachment to sugar subsided.

Derek J.

Upon registering you will receive in the mail your

Community Cleanse Care Kit.

Included in your Cleanse Care Kit you’ll find:

  • Copper Cup Ayurveda Medicated Bitter Ghee
  • Copper Cup Ayurveda NOURISH Vata Nasal Oil
  • Copper Cup Ayurveda NOURISH Vata Daily Massage Oil
  • Copper Cup Ayurveda CCF Tea
  • Triphala
  • Chyavanprash
  • …and a few extra goodies to support your success

As a result of your program, I shifted the way I view food and feed myself. It’s less complicated now. I changed some eating habits that were no longer benefiting me. Goal achieved: lost a few pounds and tried something new.


If you are new to the world of Ayurvedic cleanses, 

let me assure you this is not a liquid fast or a starvation diet; not at all.

We eat. Everyday.

There are 3 phases to an Ayurvedic Seasonal Cleanse. Here’s what you can expect:

Phase I – Prep: The first 3 days are preparation; you will simply add apples and beets to what you typically eat and begin reducing processed foods and meats.

Phase II – Purify: The following 5 days has us adhering to a mono-diet of Kitchari. Known as India’s comfort food, kitchari is light and easy to digest which not only gives our GI tract a well-deserved break, but its purifying components support our body’s natural ability to clear out the accumulated weight of winter. In addition to enjoying this delightfully satisfying dish (which is a complete protein BTW) we will be drinking medicated ghee each morning – a protocol that lubricates our GI tract, pulls toxins from our tissues, and stimulates the liver. The 10-Day Community Cleanse encourages a release beyond our bodies. We will take advantage of this ‘energy of removal’ by addressing accumulated gunk and funk that may be lingering in our minds as well as in our homes.

Phase III – Rebuild: The final 2 days are a time for reintroduction and replenishing. We bring back other foods and rebuild ourselves with the delicious, and incredibly nutritious jam called Chyavanprash.

Are you ready?

  •   Ready for a clear and vibrant complexion?
  •    Ready for more sustainable energy throughout the day?

  •    Ready for a deeper, more restful sleep at night?

  •   Ready to lighten your load – figuratively as well as literally?

No cravings. Drinking more water all day. I had a very easy time navigating this cleanse and everything was very organized!

Nicole B.

You’ll also receive….

  • a beautiful, 70+ page digital manual with recipes, meal plan, daily instructions and inspirational tutorials
  • 3 group ZOOM sessions with plenty of time for Q&A: Orientation, Mid-Cleanse Check-In, Cleanse Closure
  • complimentary online group yoga classes with Lisa
  • access to our members-only, private Facebook group
  • daily emails with videos, tutorials, and materials to keep you inspired on the path to clarity
  • AND, if you wish for a little extra attention, support, and TLC during the Community Cleanse, you have the exclusive opportunity to schedule a private virtual 1:1 consultation with Lisa when you register for only $75. Space for these sessions is limited, and your consult must be scheduled during the 10 day program, so let’s schedule this ASAP! 

I look forward to welcoming you and sharing this extraordinary opportunity for transformation with you – the Copper Cup Community. It will be my honor and my pleasure to guide you, support you, and walk with you every step of the way. Prepare to lighten your load – literally as well as figuratively. Let’s do this!!

There is a foundation which you are imparting, like breath, air or water, the central thing you always ‘say’ Eat your medicine. The value of the program was phenomenal, and the box was a bonus. Love the oils. Did I say I love the oils? Interesting fact my tongue actually changed colors on the 10 days… it became more pink or red. The permission to put the phone down and read a book, who knew.

You have a unique teaching style, with verve and pluck, and it is highly contagious. Thank you for all that went into this, the ccf tea and the packaging, labels, branding, very well done. Oh. the banyan ‘set’ was key to my meals and structure. I was sweating it. Did find some beats cooked and so that was helpful. It is, like you wrote, a lot. And I felt like a solid B would have been my grade :). I left a lot on the sticky mat tho. And am stronger for it… Thanks to you.

Alan M.

A big thank you Lisa. Your program exceeded my expectations. I’ve lost lots of fat around the bra area on my back. It’s very noticeable. Muchas gracias Lisa. You are a caring person! I will highly recommend your ayurveda services Blessings!

Odilia P.